TORs Online 13.Feb DevLog

Scre­en­shots 13.02.2016

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Most­ly i have impro­ved visu­al side of sec­tor ren­der. Laten­cyme­ter (Ping) tends to be dis­tor­ted by cli­ents machi­ne per­for­man­ce of syn­chro­nous tasks befo­re real ser­ver respon­se, the­re­fo­re rather than real laten­cy, it moni­tors time just right befo­re ser­ver is called and right after some litt­le whi­le after rece­i­ving. With lower CPU/GPU per­for­man­ce on “HD opti­on”, it can go up to higher num­bers without real ser­ver laten­cy being increased.
I would­n’t call this a “bug” and for now i don’t intend to sol­ve “laten­cyme­ter” moni­to­ring really only ser­ver response.

Impro­ve­ment” of UI (login/register form), impro­ve­ment and impe­men­tati­on of new sprites

Video 05.03.2016

Video 08.02.2016

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